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Best Bike Repair Stands 2020 (Reviews & Buyer Guide)

You know what is bike maintenance, and you know that bike repairs are usually part of the bike maintenance.

But you maybe know that using a bike repair stand will make your job easier, and I have taught you how to choose the right bike repair work stand for yourself. Now it’s time to choose one, right?

With the right knowledge, it’s still important to use the right tools.

In this post, I have decided to write bike repair stand reviews.
I will list one of the best bike repair stands in 2020 so far, in my personal opinion.

And I will link them, so in case you want to purchase them – you will be able to do so, the easiest way possible.

Feedback Sports Bike Repair Stand

Feedback is one of my favorite bike stands for bikes.

Feedback Sports Bike Repair Stand

They are really quality made, which really shows the stability of the repair stand.
It’s great for road bikes, racing bikes, and mountain bikes.

Very easy to fold up and store away is really great for people who don’t have a permanent workshop, or garage, and simply to their bike repairs in the back yard on a sunny day.

Even using the Feedback repair stand inside option is available, but also taking it wherever with you.

So whenever you need your bike stand to do even the smallest bike repair on your bike, it’s there for you.

A wide base allows you to use the repair work stand anywhere. Simply open it and you can install it on any surface such as grass or dirt.
This makes it ideal for mountain biking and its adventures.

A high-quality build is really worth every dollar it costs, and the aluminum body tubes will hold your bike perfectly in place.

It’s simple to attach the bike to the bike work stand by using the clamping knob, which has an easy mechanism to open and close in a matter of seconds.
Also, the feature which Feedback repair work stand offers I really like is the rotating option.Feedback Sports Bike Repair Stand

It gives you the ability to easily access your bike from any angle.
That’s what makes doing work even easier with this bike repair stand.

The stand itself weighs only around 5 pounds (around 5 kg) and it is strong enough to hold bikes up to 65 pounds (around 30 kg).
Also, the height of this work stand is adjustable from 42 to 65 inches ( 106 cm to 165 cm)

This portable work stand is really great for everyday use, and it can be used anytime.
Really stable, with a feature of easy clamp mechanism and rotating the bike while it’s attached will make the job done a lot easier.

Click here to find the best price available at Amazon for a Feedback repair stand.

Feedback Sports Sprint Bike Repair Stand

Feedback Sports Sprint Work StandIf you are more into axle/bottom bracket types of repair stands, then this is worth checking out.

It’s also a portable work stand, however, it makes it usable even in the smallest space but also to carry it around.

With this repair stand, you won’t be clamping your bike to the repair stand, but you willFeedback sports sprint work stand be attaching your bike to the repair stand.
It’s great for bikes which are too light to be attached by the clamp, and which have the super aero frame which isn’t easy for clamping.

Mechanics prefer this type of repair stand simply because repair stand won’t get in the away, and it offers better access to the bike.
It will fit all bikes with axle diameters up to 15mm, and once when your bike is attached to the repair stand, you will be able to rotate it by 360 degrees and lift it up to 48 inches (121 cm) and lower it down to 30 inches (76 cm).

It’s ideal for more advanced bike repairs and installing/removing parts because of its accessibility, such as adjusting derailleurs and brakes.

Feedback Sports repair stand is very stable, and it’s made out of aluminum which won’t rust for sure. It also comes with the 3-year no-questions-asked warranty.

Repair stand will support weight up to 85 pounds (38 kg), and it comes with a carry or storage bag since it’s portable and very easy to carry.

To find the best price for Feedback Sports repair stand at Amazon, click here.

RAD Bike Repair Stand

If you are on a tight budget, you shouldn’t worry at all.

RAD is one of the cheapest repair stands but with the best-built quality for the price.
I personally recommend it and even if it’s on a cheaper side – it’s really worth mentioning.

RAD bike repair stand

It can hold bikes up to 66 lbs (30 kg) of weight. It has pre-drilled holes in feet for the best stability, so it can be installed and used on any type of surface.

You can adjust it from 41 inches (104 cm) up to 75 inches (190 cm).
By using a clamp system, you will be able to fit bikes with standard frame sizes from 1 inch to 1.5 inches.

It’s portable so you will be able to install it anywhere and anytime but also carry it wherever needed.
Very easy to assemble and it takes only a few minutes, using the hex key which comes included with the package.

It’s available to purchase from and to find the best price click here.


Bike repair work stands don’t need to be expensive in order to be quality.

There are many high-quality built stands out there, including the one I have mentioned and it is RAD bike repair work stand.

However, if you aren’t on a tight budget, you shouldn’t go for the cheapest model since a little bit more expensive models offer some features such as a work tray for storing tools and screws.

Don’t rush into buying one and take your time. Look out for all the features and options each bike repair stand offer because every bike repair stand is different.

Also, if you need any help with purchasing repair bike stand, or you have any unanswered questions, feel free to contact me or ask your question in the comments below.

Do you use bike repair work stand?
Would you add any other stand to the list?

Comment below and let me know!

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