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The Best Bike Repair Training Course – It’s Never Been So Simple

Everyone who likes to take the matter into their own hands and take actions, this is the post for you, because I will be DIY Bike Repair DVDsintroducing you the best bike repair training course available online!

As you could already see on this website, I have explained what is a bike maintenance, why is it so important, when is the right time to do it and what does bike maintenance actually mean.

But I have talked about bike repairs as well, which is part of the bike maintenance.

If any bike part gets broken or worn out, you will need to take care of it and fix it.
That’s actually a bike maintenance.

So now when you get the idea, you may be asking yourself – but where will I get the right knowledge and information to be able to do bike maintenance and repairs myself?

Don’t worry and simply continue reading because there’s a lot more to come.

Do It Yourself Bike Repair Training Course

At the website’s homepage, you could find more about bike maintenance, and you could have already noticed that I have talked about a DIY Bike Repair training course.

As the name says “Do It Yourself Bike Repair Training Course” is made for people who are ready to take the matter into their own hands and learn how to do bike repairs themselves.


It’s the online training course which is made for people any age, and for people with and without any experience at all.
Because let’s face it. Bikes aren’t really complicated at all.

If there are trained mechanics who work on more complex things such as cars and trains, why couldn’t you learn how to do bike repairs yourself instead of taking your bike for even simple problems.

By taking the training course you could learn to perform bike repairs yourself which will save you time and money, but it will also make you feel better knowing you can repair unexpected problems but also maintain your bike anytime at no cost.

What Does Bike Repair Training Course Offers?

The training offers 200+ step-by-step repair training videos which total together have 10+ playtime hours.

You will also get 150+ pages of illustrated in-depth lessons and manuals.
Every topic has been covered in the smallest detail, and the step-by-step instruction program is presented in an easy-to-follow way.

So no matter if you are a beginner, or you already have some advanced knowledge, this training course will be suitable for everyone.DIY Bike Repair Complet

The training course will teach you to fully fix, repair and maintain a bike. You will be guided with step-by-step videos which are made by 3 different teachers and performed on 3 different types of bikes (road, race and mountain bikes).
That includes everything from the basic repairs such as changing a bicycle tire or chain to the most complex procedures such as installing or adjusting rear derailleur.

You won’t only gain knowledge related to bike repairs and maintenance, but you will also get the tips on purchasing a bike, determining a correct bike frame for yourself, learning correct sitting position while riding, choosing the right pedals or saddle for your bike and much more.

If you decide to take the matter into your own hands, you will be able to use this training course in 3 different ways.
You could simply download it, stream it and watch it immediately online, or if you prefer, you could have it as DVD copy.

So there are no excuses to step into a bike repair shop ever again.

You might be in love with the training course already, but there is still more. Yes, there are some extra bonus things that come with the training course.

Bonus #1 – Bicycle TuneUp Secrets and Upkeep Tips

A personal book made by the owner of the training course, from his personal experience and point of view.DIY Bike Repair Book

You will get even extra tips and tricks on maintaining and repairing your bike.
Every page will show you easy to follow instructions and diagrams.

Bonus #2 – Free Lifetime Updates

That’s right. You have read it right.DIY Bike Repair Lifetime Membership

If you decide to go after the training course, you will constantly get the updates and new content which will be added to the training course.

You will be able to download it, stream it online or order a DVD copy.

Super Bonus #3 – Free 1 Year One-On-One Coaching With Dave

David DelgadoThis one is one of my favorite bonuses.Consultation DIY Bike

For one year, you will be able to be coached by Dave, a guy who has invented this training course.

If you still have any unanswered questions or doubts, you can always ask the expert and learn from him privately.
Not only he will help you with any bike solution you may need, but he will make sure you learn it yourself.

Find Out What Else Is Included In The Training Course.

How Will The Training Benefit You?

So after reading all of the features, this training will provide you, and not completely sure if this one is for you, stick with me.

The training course is made for everyone, so no matter what age you are or what is your experience, this is the best training course for you.
You can do it at your own speed, repeat the videos as much as you want, speak to the Dave personally to ask for help and coaching.

You will be able to do it in your own garage or yard, anytime you want, all with to the help of the training course and some usual tools which will be necessary.
You won’t need to step into a bike repair shop ever again, however, I think with the knowledge this training course provides, that you will be able to open your own bike repair shop if you want to make a business out of your work.

It will save you time, money and bike repair shops which charge way too much for solving simple problems only because they know how to do it.


I think that there is no excuse for not doing something yourself if you are able to do it.

If anyone else can do it, you aren’t anything less qualified to do it too.
We are still talking about bikes, which aren’t complex at all.

Also, a bike maintenance is something which should be done regularly, and if you don’t know how – you enjoy your bike rides and you will visit bike repair shops quite often.

There is so many information out there, especially with the internet world we live in today. However, there is a big chance to get overwhelmed with too much information.
Also, you can always find instructions which might leave you with more questions than you have had before watching the video.

That’s why this training course is constructed into details by step-by-step videos sorted into different categories, made by 3 different experts and performed on 3 different bike types.

But of course, a bike maintenance might be easier using a bike repair work stand, and if you want to know how to choose a great bike repair work stand, read my other post where I talk about it.

What are you waiting for?

Click Here To Learn More About The Bike Repair Training Course!


Have you ever repaired anything on your bike yourself?
Do you do your bike maintenance?

Let me know in the comments what do you think about this training course, and have you ever maybe tried it?


13 thoughts on “The Best Bike Repair Training Course – It’s Never Been So Simple”

    1. Thanks a lot, Craig.

      It’s always nice to get a great feedback, and I am glad you find my site useful and well made.

      Drop by anytime again soon, as I will work on developing it even more 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!

  1. the site looks good – I followed your links to where you can purchase the course – it seems very reasonably priced – the niche should be a good one – there should be many products you can present on here for bike enthusiasts. You all are as nutty about biking as rugby players are about their sport – it should do very well. By the way many race-car drivers bike. I have been around Indy Drivers – they bike often to exercise and get in shape.


    1. Hey, thanks for your support Dave.

      I agree it’s reasonably priced, and everything you get for that price is amazing.
      Exactly, cyclists are very passionate about their hobby, and I didn’t know that race-car drivers ride bikes for exercise, but I could only guess.

      It’s used for health and exercise almost everywhere.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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  3. Hi Dario! This is a needed service. My bike’s been sitting in the barn for a while, and could probably use a good tune-up. Thanks for providing this!-Rick

    1. Hey, Rick, it’s my pleasure to help people.

      Tuning up your bike and maintaining it will be easier now when you have access to this website.

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