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Best Bike Lock For College – Protect Your Bike From Thieves

College bikes locked

If your college is out of the walking distance, you can always use your bike. It’s easier more fun than having to use public transportation, it will even save you some extra money you would have spent on…

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Best First Bike For 3 Year Old Kids – Easiest Way To Choose!

Strider kids bike

It can be really tricky to buy the first bike for a 3-year-old kid, but it shouldn’t be that way. There are few things to consider, and once you pay attention to them – the rest should be…

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Best Cycling Sunglasses For Women

Best Cycling Sunglasses For Women

Cycling sunglasses are more likely to be unisex, however, since I’ve made a post about cycling sunglasses for men, this post will be about the best cycling sunglasses for women. I still believe that there are some cycling…

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Muc-Off 8-in-1 Bike Cleaning Kit Review – Your Bike Deserves a Bath As Well

Muc-Off 8-in-1 bike cleaning kit

As a part of the bike maintenance, cleaning your bike plays a big role. After every ride, you get a hard earned shower, but what about your bike? Do you just park it and forget about it until…

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Top Bike Pumps For Road Bikes

Bike floor pumps

A good bike pump is one of the tools every cyclist should own. Bikes are the best when their tires are pumped up because that makes the tires roll smoothly. I have talked about mini bike pumps already, and…

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Best Cycling Sunglasses For Men In 2017

Cycling sunglasses

Cycling sunglasses aren’t only there for looking cool, they do more than that. And they do what? They protect your eyes from dangerous UV light, flying insects,  and dust. Also, they will protect your eyes from wind, rain,…

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Bicycle Mini Pump Reviews – Be Prepared On The Road

Lezyne Carbon Drive Lite

Bike mini pumps are something necessary when going on a ride. You don’t want to walk home with your bike in case you get a puncture. Having spare bike tubes and a mini-pump will keep you rolling in…

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Must Have Bike Repair Tools – Always Be Prepared!

Bikehand complete tool set

Bike maintenance and bike repairs require the right knowledge and use of the right tools. Luckily, you can get all the knowledge right here. However, you will still need some basic tools to be able to do your bike…

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Clean Your Chain Under 5 Minutes – Best Bike Chain Cleaner Tool Review

Park Tool CG 23 Chain Gang Bicycle Cleaning System

Cleaning your bike chain is part of bike maintenance. Dirty bike chain will wear out more quickly than a maintained bike chain, but also, a dirty bike chain might slow you down. Maintaining it will extend chain’s life, and…

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The Greatest Bike Repair Stand Reviews In 2018

Bike repair work stands

You know what is a bike maintenance, and you know that bike repairs are usually part of the bike maintenance. But you maybe know that using bike repair stand will make your job easier, and I have taught…

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