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Bicycle Mini Pump Reviews – Be Prepared On The Road

Bike mini pumps are something necessary when going on a ride.

You don’t want to walk home with your bike in case you get a puncture.
Having spare bike tubes and a mini-pump will keep you rolling in case of unwanted problems.

That’s why in this post I will be writing bicycle mini pump reviews.
As mini bike pumps are important for longer bike rides, it’s necessary for them to be reliable.

Why Mini Bike Pump?

Mini bike pump
Photo from: Rockbrosbike.com

If you have never used mini bike pump before, and you are wondering why mini bike pump when it’s better to use bigger and stronger bike pump, here is your answer.

Mini bike pumps are a great tool to use when you are leaving home for a ride, especially longer ride, in a case of getting a puncture.

Hopefully, you will be ready with a small tool kit and a spare tube to replace the punctured one.
And that’s why you need a mini bike pump.

To carry it on rides. The reason why they are mini is that they are made to be portable.

It’s easy to attach them to the bike, or simply carry it in the backpack.

I still suggest you have a big bike pump at home for inflating air into your tires before rides.
While having a mini bike pump will save you from troubles on the road.

Where To Get Mini Bike Pump?

If you have any local bike store or repair shop, try visiting them and check out if they have any available.

They are really inexpensive for what you get, and it’s the best to have at least one mini bike pump when going on a group bike rides.

Also, if you don’t know any local bike shops nearby, you can always find great mini bike pumps at Amazon.com.
Prices are more than reasonable over there and they will deliver the product right to your front door.

Also, at the time of writing this post, I have noticed that most of the mini bike pumps down below are on a discount, so if you are lucky enough I am sure you will grab a great deal.

Birzman Velocity Mini Bike Pump

Birzman Velocity
Photo from: Birzman.com

Buy now button from Amazon

Birzman Velocity is a made out of metal and has rubber finishes at edges which give this pump a great feel.

It takes around 200 strokes to reach 90 PSI (6.2 Bars). You will be able to pump even road bike tires with a mini bike pump.

There are a plastic clip and rubber fastening, so you will be able to attach this mini bike pump to a bike frame.

It has a clever valve connector so it will fit Presta and Schrader valves.
However, the mini bike pump is quite long and heavy, so keep that in mind if they play and a big factor for you.

It’s available at Amazon.com, and it’s at the time of writing this discounted.
Make sure you grab a great deal.

Lezyne Carbon Drive Mini Bike Pump

Lezyne Carbon Drive Lite
Photo from: Lezyne.com

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Lezyne mini bike pump is made out of carbon, which makes it very light.

It’s great for road racers who care about their bike’s weight.
Also, it’s very easy to carry and use since it’s made out of carbon.

It features Presta and Schrader valves and it comes with a hose extension which is stored inside the body.

Around 200 strokes are needed to get to 100 PSI (6.9 Bars), which is better than most of the mini bike pumps.

A feature that I liked the most about this pump is the pressure relief button in case you pump more air than allowed into your tire.

Lezyne Carbon Drive Lite
Photo from: Lezyne.com

Lezyne Carbon mini pump is small and it can easily fit in the pocket, however, it comes with a mount that can be attached to the bottle cage.

It’s a little bit more pricey than other mini bike pumps, however, for the quality you get out of this pump and carbon material, it’s very reasonably priced.

To find the best price at Amazon, click here.

Topeak Micro Rocket Mini Bike Pump

Topeak mini bike pump
Photo from: Topeak.com

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The aluminum pump which comes with no extra hose, and it’s used directly to pump the air inside the tire.

It’s very small and weighs only 65 g which is a selling point of this pump. It will fit jersey back pocket.
However, if you prefer mounting it on the bike frame, you can do it with the mount frame you get with the pump.

Around 200 strokes will get your bike tire to 60 PSI (4.1 Bars), which might not be ideal for road bikes, however, you will still be able to pump a decent amount of air inside, to drive yourself away.

It’s also on the cheaper side of mini bike pumps, so if you don’t need something special – this mini bike pump will do the job.

For more information and the price of Topeak Micro Rocket Pump click here.

VeloChampion Mini Bike Pump

VeloChampion Mini Bike Pump
Photo from: Velochampion.co.uk

Buy now button from Amazon

If you are on a tight budget, but still in a need of a mini bike pump to stay safe on the road, this one is worth checking out.

VeloChampion pump is made out of premium aluminum alloy and is 7 inches big (17 cm).

What I really like about this pump is an easy way to switch between Schrader and Presta valves.

With this pump, you will be able to easily get 60 PSI (4.1 Bars), however, pumping further than that will be harder.
Although, if you are on a tight budget and in a need of a mini bike pump, this might be a great deal for a first chance.

To find out the price at Amazon, click here.


Mini bike pumps are really necessary part of the equipment to take on the road along the spare tubes, and a few portable tools.

They are really inexpensive for the role they play, however, I wouldn’t advise you to go after the cheapest mini pump.
Its quality might not be satisfying and it might not be very durable.

I would never go on a long bike ride without spare tubes, a few tools a mini bike pump.
Mini bike pumps are easy o attach on the bike frame, and they are very useful.

There’s nothing worse than stopping and not being able to continue your bike journey.


Do you take mini bike pump on the road with you?
What are your experiences?

Let me know in the comments your stories, and feel free to ask any question if needed.

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