Best Cycling Sunglasses For Women

Best Cycling Sunglasses For Women

Cycling sunglasses are more likely to be unisex, however, since I’ve made a post about cycling sunglasses for men, this post will be about the best cycling sunglasses for women.

I still believe that there are some cycling sunglasses which will be a better fit for women than men, because of the sunglasses frame and shape, but also because of face shape and even colors.

There are also companies which make sunglasses for women only, and in this post, I will review them.

Also, I have created a post for everyone who doesn’t know how to choose the perfect cycling sunglasses for themselves yet, so make sure you read that first.

Endura Women’s Stella Light Reactive Glasses

Endura womens Stella sunglasses
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These sunglasses have one amazing feature which everyone’s going to love.

These sunglasses come only with one lens and that’s unusual because usually cycling sunglasses come with at least 3 different lenses for different weather conditions.

That’s why this sunglasses have a photochromic lens which adjusts to changing conditions in only 7 seconds!
You don’t need to worry about carrying other lenses with you, and no more swapping lenses, leaving fingerprints on lenses and usual difficulties when swapping lenses.

Lens offers 100% UV light protection, so you know your eyes will be safe.

Frame is very light, and sunglasses are very comfortable because they have soft rubber pads at temples and nose.
Sunglasses also come with a hard case and a cloth for a safe storage after a bike ride, or even when you are outside.

When I have heard for the first time about the lenses that change its conditions themselves, I thought that these sunglasses are going to be too expensive.

However, they are not expensive at all, and if you have a budget to spend on your new sunglasses, make sure to find out the price by clicking here.

They’re available on Amazon, and they go straight to the home door delivery.

Oakley Women’s Miss Conduct Sunglasses

Oakley is very well known brand for sports sunglasses, and they aren’t afraid to do thing their way.

Miss Conduct sunglasses are squared and they are simply showing off the Oakley attitude.

“They’re designed for athlete who demands performance, plays by her own rules.”

– Oakley say

Squared lenses are giving a great peripheral view and side coverage, as they are made to help you in the fastest moments.

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Lenses are polarized and they offer 100% full UV light protection. Frame is very light but durable and there is three-point fit for the lens to keep in perfect position.

At the time of writing, Oakley Miss Conduct sunglasses are at a discount, and they are available to be purchased at Amazon.
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Rudy Project Noyz Sunglasses

These sunglasses are perfect for women who like pink color, and who aren’t afraid to have pink as their main kit color.

With the pink fluo frame, Rudy Noyz sunglasses will match perfectly the pink bike kit.
Lenses are coated blue with a laser, and you will have replacement lens guarantee in a case of damage.

The best feature of this sunglasses is that the temple grippers and nosepiece are adjustable which offers a lot more comfort than other sunglasses.

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They come with a smoke blue lens which is great for moderately sunny days and even winter days, but Rudy also offers various premium lenses to match different conditions.

Lenses are easy to change thanks to the Quick Change system, which will help you to change the lens quickly and easily whenever needed.

They are a little bit on a pricey side, but if you aren’t on a tight budget, they are really worth it.
Rudy is an Italian company, and to prove the quality of their sunglasses, you will get a 3 years warranty, with replacement lens guarantee.

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Oakley Radarlock Edge Sunglasses

If bright colors aren’t your thing, these sunglasses will go perfectly with your kit.

It will match most of the kits since the color of the frame is black with a little bit of pink.

They are lightweight and comfortable which allows you to wear them a long time without any problems.
Durability is just one of the features of Radarlock Edge sunglasses, but a great feature is lens width of 138mm which allows you to have a bigger peripheral view.

You won’t even notice that you are wearing them after a while.

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O Matter frame comfort holds lenses with the three-point fit which optimizes performance in any environment.

Oakley considered every detail when they were making Radarlock Edge sunglasses, to make them perfect for cyclists matching the quality and build to elite athletes.

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Women can go for unisex cycling sunglasses or simply find sunglasses which are from a company who makes them only for female cyclists.

I find that sunglasses which are made only for female cyclists are a better suit since they have some features specially made for women such as the frame, or even pink colors.

Some of these sunglasses are on a pricey side, but you will be able to find some which aren’t expensive and will match the tight budget.

These sunglasses which I have listed are available on Amazon and the shipping is free.


Which sunglasses do you use?

Let me know in the comments below, but also feel free to share your opinion or ask any question.

Also feel free to share this post on social media if you have found it useful.

Enjoy your bike ride, and have your eyes always protected!

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