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Best Bike Lock For College – Protect Your Bike From Thieves

If your college is out of the walking distance, you can always use your bike.

It’s easier more fun than having to use public transportation, it will even save you some extra money you would have spent on the transport. However, you are afraid to leave your precious bike out there alone.

I’ve been there, and even when using locks I always had a feeling something bad’s going to happen to my bike.

There are many mean people who don’t respect someone’s property and they would just steal bikes in public like it’s nothing. If not stealing, then they would just take some parts off the bike which I assume they needed.

Bike with stolen wheel

To prevent that, I will show you how to get the best bike lock for college so your bike stays protected at all costs.

How To Protect Your Bike in College

To protect your bike in college, you should never leave your bike unlocked. No matter if there are people around, even the busiest streets get empty sooner or later.

Another mistake would be to use thin locks to protect your bike. Thin locks are very easy to break, and I wouldn’t even recommend you to use them even when you’re making a quick stop. They’re very easy to break with the right tool, and sometimes no tool is needed to crack them open.

To protect your bike, I would always recommend using thick bike lock chains. And not just one, but two or more if needed.

If your bike wheels have quick release option, you must lock both wheels. If not, a thief might just take one of your wheels and it’s still a damage for you.

Stolen bike's wheel

It’s the same situation with the bike seat. I don’t recommend bike seats or any other bike part other than wheels to have quick release option. If you have a quick release seat option and you don’t secure it properly – you are risking your bike’s safety.

Especially if you have a bike which is expensive. It will attract eyes, and most likely it will attract eyes of the thieves. You must secure your bike because the risk out there is big.

Also, if your bike is parked right in front of the CCTV, you might think you’re safe but thieves just don’t care. They will break the lock, steal it and that’s it.

At college, there’s going to be many bikes but there’s always a possibility that your bike will get stolen. Especially if it’s more expensive than other bikes as it’s going to attract people.

That’s why down below in this post I will list you some of the best bike locks you could find, which will give thieves a hard time, and I will also teach you how to choose a bike lock.

How To Choose a Bike Lock

When choosing a bike lock, you need to pay attention to some factors.

Some of the factors are:

  • Security
  • Type of a lock
  • Right lock brand

Security is obviously one of the most important factors when deciding which bike lock to get. It’s important to understand that cable bike locks are easy to break and they don’t provide security at all. U-locks, chain locks and folding locks are some of the options which provide security.

Type of a lock depends on the portability and practicality. The thicker the chain – the better. Because we all know that thieves like to use bolt cutters. But not many people know that bike chains thicker than 16mm can’t be cut with bolt cutters. Which means it might save your bike even if the thieves give it a try.

Right lock brand is not only for fashion, but it’s the quality and security they provide. We are more likely able to trust big brands who are really trying to make their products better than a brand we don’t know much about.

Make sure you don’t buy a cable lock because it looks like a good solution at first, but any thief will have no problem dealing with a cable lock. Thieves are ready to do anything to get your bike, and they’re used on bike locks so they see cable bike locks as a win for them.

I have listed some of the best bike locks down below so you can choose which one will suit you the best.

Kryptonite Kryptolok U-Lock Bike Lock

Kryptonite Kryptolok is an inexpensive bike chain lock which could be the right choice for your bike and college.

If you aren’t riding a very expensive bike, this U-lock bike chain will do the job.

It’s 13mm steel thick, which means it resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks. Even to cut a 13mm bike chain, thieves would need a medium sized bolt cutters, but even that is not going to help them break it.

The best thing I love about this chain is that you get double loop cable for securing front wheel or any accessories on your bike. As I have mentioned earlier, you should protect any accessories which have quick release option.

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High-security disc-style cylinder will protect your lock from leverage attacks while rotating dustcover will protect your cylinder from dust and rain.

It’s going to be easy to carry the lock as it has Transit FlexFrame-U transportation system for versatile carrying. Also, anti-rattle bumpers will make sure there isn’t any noise during transportation if you have it attached to your bike.

The protective vinyl coating makes this U-lock look nice and shiny. You will also get 2 stainless steel keys with the lock.

At the time of writing this, it’s at a discount so make sure you check it out before the sale discount ends.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Chain Lock

Another lock from Kryptonite brand, however, in a chain version.

Chain locks are easier to carry, however, they might be a little bit heavier. While on the other hand, U-lock can be hard to carry on your bike, but it’s lighter.

This bike chain is only 9mm thick which isn’t the best option, although, it offers more security than any other cable chain out there. If you don’t have an expensive bike, and your bike doesn’t attract attention – this chain lock will do its job.

Length of Kryptolok Series 2 is 21.5″ (55 cm) and it weighs almost 4 lb (1.77 kg).

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A chain is nicely covered with a nylon material that has Kryptonite text on it. It’ll protect the chain from weather conditions, but it’s also going to prevent scratches on your bike.

This chain has no bad link in the chain thanks to the expensive holding power of the link itself. Which means thieves will need to try really hard if they want to get even close to breaking the chain.

Disc-style cylinder inside is designed to resist pick and drill attacks with the common hand tools.

With the chain, you will get two ergonomic “I” keys. It’s available on Amazon and the price is really nothing when compared to the safety it provides.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Bike U-lock

Fahgettaboudit is one of the most secure locks possible nowadays.

If you need the best protection you will be able to get, New York Fahgettaboudit is the right lock for you.

It’s heavy and it’s small, yet its 18mm shackle will give thieves a really hard time if they even try to break it. This lock can’t be defeated with any hand tools, and even power tools will have a long while until they break it.

Thanks to the oversized hardened steel sleeve over the crossbar, there won’t be any risks at all as you will get double security with this chain. Also, double deadbolt locking will provide twice holding power than any other locks out there.

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Sliding dustcover will protect the lock from weather condition and it will extend its life.

Lock weighs around 4.55 lbs (2.06 kg) and you will get 3 stainless steel keys. One of the keys is lightened by a high intensity LED bulb and it comes with a replaceable battery.

New York Fahgettaboudit is available on Amazon, and you will be able to choose between original version or the newer 2017 version of the lock.

Kryptonite New York Legend Bike Chain

As you might have noticed, Kryptonite is one of the best bike lock brands out there.

New York Legend bike chain is similar to the previous U-lock bike lock, however, this is a chain version for everyone who doesn’t prefer U-lock.

It provides maximum 12 out of 12 Anti-Theft protection. It’s 16 mm thick and the chain is made out of hardened steel which will easily resist bolt cutters.

Double design bolt will provide you an additional protection against twist attacks.

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The lock comes with nylon cover protection which always stays in place thanks to the hook-n-loop straps. It comes with 3 ergonomic “I” keys.

Next, to the previous U-lock chain, it’s one of the safest and most secure locks in the world.

Abus Bordo Granit X Plus 6500 Folding Bike Lock

This is the first chain on the list which isn’t from the Kryptonite. Also, it’s the first folding bike chain on this list.

If you aren’t into U-lock bike locks, and chain bike locks – folding bike chain might be the right solution for you.

Abus Bordo Granit is one of the most secure folding bike locks out there as it has 15 out of 15 maximum security test passed.

It has 5mm steel bars which are coated with rubberized plastic, and the Abus cylinders offer a high level of protection.

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This folding bike lock is great for everyone who wants compact and versatile bike lock which isn’t heavy and is easy to carry.

It comes with two keys and one of them is LED-lighted.


I would do everything to protect my bike from getting stolen, and I assume you would too.

Price of these locks isn’t expensive at all when compared to the security they provide. Also, keep in mind that once you get one of these locks you will have your bike protected anytime and anywhere.

You will be able to take your bike to college and not worry about it during the classes.

However, people who got their bike stolen once know what the feeling is. Being angry and realizing you might never see your bike again. Someone else took it and who knows is he taking care of it at all.

You don’t need to wait for that to happen to prevent it. I always recommend people to invest in a great bike lock which provides high security. Bike locks usually last for years so it’s a great investment.

Lock up your bike, maintain it and enjoy your rides.

Did you ever get your bike stolen?

Let me know what is your opinion about bike thieves in the comments below, but also feel free to ask any question you might have.

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